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  • Grace Olson


There are many things you can do to help yourself during times of despair. It will take effort but you can do it when you allow yourself to remember that you have inner resources always available!


Writing is a way of accessing our silent mind in which lies the answers to all of our psychological disturbances.

Simply allow yourself to write down how you are feeling. Let it out! Get any coloured pen you like and a big pad of paper and write. Write it big and shout and swear – whatever you need to say is absolutely allowed. You can say anything!

Once you’ve written to the point of exhaustion there are two options:

1- rip it all up and throw it away and let it all be gone from your body.

2- read it and see if anything has come to light that could do with being addressed further.

For example, you may have started writing how scared and angry you feel with your illness but then that may have led to writing about a past experience or about someone you know etc. If you think you’ve unearthed an important bit of unfinished business then it’s worth delving deeper to get it completed. Here’s how-

(do this all with writing)

Ask yourself, “What does this [memory/issue/situation] mean to me?”

Then allow yourself to write whatever comes up.

When you feel you’ve written enough, ask yourself, “What do I need to do about this?”

Then allow yourself to write the answer.

When you’ve written enough, ask yourself, “What will I gain from doing this?”

Again, allow yourself to write it all out, examine it and then decide if the action you felt you needed to do will benefit you or not.

Physical movement

Sometimes fear can be expressed by moving. In the wild, animals run when they feel fear and that helps their body to feel better.

So run, or dance, or walk very fast. In the street, in the garden, in your house, in a park or in some woods. It doesn’t matter where you feel drawn to go, just move and move as fast as you need to. On a physiological level, movement will stimulate your lymphatic system which will strengthen your immune system which will lead to better health.


Expressing from the throat can ease a huge burden of emotions. It doesn’t matter if you think your voice is not good -who cares? Just sing! Put on your favourite songs and sing it all out! This could lead to a good cry – let it all out.


Shouting out all your feelings, thoughts and fears is another effective way of releasing tension. Who cares if anyone can hear you, maybe they need to? Shout what you need to express as loud as you can. This is your time to liberate yourself from inner pressures.


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