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  • Grace Olson

Food! Some helps some hinders...

What we eat is the biggest thing that affects us physically so it’s worth having a look to see if your food is contributing to your anxiety or general feelings of illness. You wouldn’t fill up your cars’ petrol tank with rubbish and expect it to work well would you? No! So consider the same for your body.

Sugar, sweeteners, caffeine, artificial additives will exacerbate feelings of anxiety so be kind to yourself and cut out the rubbish.

Anything processed is highly likely to make your body feel worse. Have a look at the ingredients to see what you’re putting into yourself and ask yourself “Will this help or hinder me?”

Eat calming things like grapes, bananas, potatoes, brown rice, millet, all these foods contain potassium which brings calm.

Reduce acid foods such as red meat and pork (unless you feel strongly that you need to eat it in which case do! But try and get it from the best source possible such as an organic farm shop).

If you have a sweet tooth, how about making your own lovely desserts so you know exactly what goes in them? Baking is such a therapeutic thing to do. Or maybe a kind friend could do you some heartfelt baking? Or if you strongly feel you need chocolate just get a very good quality bar such as Green and Blacks.

Your body really is your temple and it deserves your love so feed it as well as you can. Your body knows what it needs- take the time to listen to it.


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