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There are conventional remedies and complementary remedies- always use the ones that feel right for you.

If you feel overwhelmed with anxiety, your doctor can prescribe medication that could help calm you and anti-depressants to lift your mood. Always make sure that your specialist is involved so that drug interactions don’t create further problems. It’s not 'bad for you' to take these medications, some of them are excellent and could really help to support you.

If conventional medication will not suit you for whatever reason then there are many complementary remedies that can help.

Bach Remedies

The first one to reach for is the one named Rescue Remedy. It is a combination of various flowers steeped in water and the essence is preserved in brandy and bottled. This remedy brings calm and clarity.

I recommend you read their website to discover the separate remedies that may suit you as an individual. You can buy them from Boots, health food shops or internet.

These can be used safely alongside any conventional treatment.

Kali-phos 30c

This is a homeopathic preparation of potassium phosphate. It is excellent! I’ve used it many times to great effect. It calms your emotions without dulling the mind.

The brand to get is Weleda or Nelson’s from Boots, health food shops or internet.

This can be used safely alongside any conventional treatment

Essential oils

Chamomile, lavender, vetivert, rose, valerian, petitgrain, frankincense and ylang ylang.

These oils are relaxing and calming.

Drop them on a tissue and inhale.

Choose one or all of them, mix and match as they are all effective.

I suggest you buy oils from a reputable supplier to ensure you get the whole oil and not the remnants from the perfume industry!

I buy all my oils from Id Aromatics in Leeds as they are specialists and can give you advice on how to use them and they only sell good quality oils. Find them on the internet or call them on 0113 2424983

Inhaling essential oils is fine alongside any conventional treatment. Using them topically should be discussed with a qualified aromatherapist to avoid any uncomfortable reactions.

St John’s wort

This is a natural anti-depressant which I use during the winter months. I find it very effective! If you are taking any conventional medication you must discuss with your specialist about any possible interactions as St. John’s wort is powerful stuff.

I recommend you buy it from Higher Nature as they make good quality supplements.

CBD oil

Some people find this really helps to ease pain and lift their mood. I have not used it so I can’t give a personal opinion but if you feel drawn to it then give it a go! Again, it’s vital to ascertain any possible interactions with your conventional medication first.


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