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About Heaven Stone Healing

Heaven Stone Healing is a combination treatments, which is guided by you and how you are feeling on the day of your appointment. 


The aim is to help you find whatever it is you need to manage your illness your way. 


Some days you may need an indoor treatment involving massage, healing and talking therapy. 


Other days you may need to venture outdoors to have some silent communion with nature and learn meditation techniques with or without the horses.


A diagnosis of a serious illness is like stepping onto a rollercoaster alone. My role is to sit next to you, hold your hand and listen.


Grace Olson

I qualified in massage, anatomy and physiology in 1996 and since then I have gone on to gain qualifications in the Vodder system of lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, pressure point massage, reiki, ILM coaching and equine facilitated coaching.

I began my working life at various nursing homes in Leeds and Bradford so was thrown straight into the deep-end treating seriously ill elderly people. It was terrifying at first but wonderful and I loved every minute of their company. I owe a great debt of gratitude to all of those amazing senior citizens who taught me how to work with very unwell bodies and minds.

From there I suddenly began to get referrals from oncologists requesting lymphatic drainage for their cancer patients and this added a new dimension to my working experience.


I began my own journey of receiving spiritual healing at aged 18 and have been blessed to meet some incredible healers who have led me to this point. I now combine all the skills I’ve learned to help seriously ill people to find their own inner wisdom in order to feel calm and capable in the midst of disease.

It will be an honour to be of service to you and my aim is to help you become aware of your real infinite self.

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