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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing involves tuning in to the ever-present unconditional love and life energy which is the source of everything on earth. By opening ourselves to this all-pervading truth, we can receive whatever we need- mental, physical or emotional healing.

Every session is different because it depends on what you need in the moment.


How it works

You lie down on my lovely, comfortable therapy couch and I cover you with a soft blanket.

I will sit behind you and place my hands on your head. From that moment I become the channel for your healing.

Some people have very interesting experiences and see lights and colours and feel energy moving around their body. Sometimes it’s very quiet and peaceful.

Unseen guides sometimes become ‘seen’ and guidance is given. These guides can be our loved ones who have passed on or higher more evolved beings.

For some people the thought of life after death and ‘spirit guides’ is a bit far-fetched and I would think that too had I not experienced it from an early age. Being sceptical is absolutely fine and you will only experience what you are ready for.


I like to remind people that according to science, “energy cannot be made or destroyed. It can only change forms” therefore life is a mystery unsolvable by science. Science will never be able to explain how the first particle of matter ever came into being or what makes us ‘alive’. That is the basis of spiritual knowledge and this knowledge is within each and every one of us. It is beyond rational thought, it is in the silence of our soul and it is waiting patiently for everyone to remember.

Spiritual healing can lead us to that ‘inner knowledge’ of infinity, peace and contentment.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

I am qualified in various types of massage:


Lymphatic Drainage which boosts the white cell count and helps to remove rogue cells and strengthen immunity.

Deep Tissue Massage which helps relieve contracted muscles and reduce pain and inflammation.

Pressure Point Massage which boosts energy along with a myriad of other wonderful things.

Aromatherapy Massage which involves essential oils of plants. These oils have a wide range of medicinal properties and I mix the blend to suit your specific needs.

During your treatment it may be appropriate to include any or all of the above forms of massage in order to boost and support your body enabling it to cope better with your illness. 


Collaborative Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is a method which can lead to great changes and improvements in all areas of your life, including physical, mental and emotional health. It is an opportunity for you to talk honestly and be encouraged to see where you have any issues and how you can overcome them.


Why would I need coaching?

When you are un-well it can be very liberating to explore any limiting factors in your life that may be exacerbating the symptoms of your ‘dis-ease’. By looking within, you can often find important clues as to what could potentially be making you feel worse. With this heightened awareness you will then have more choices and the ability to help yourself feel better. 


What happens during coaching?

We begin with a chat about your personal goals, taking into account your particular illness, and make clear our roles within the coaching relationship. This discussion leads to the coaching contract in which we agree on how the sessions will be run.

In the coaching sessions you will be invited to talk openly and I will be listening?

My role is to help you hear what you’re really saying in order to assist you to achieve happiness and fulfilment in any area of your life that you’re struggling with.

By improving yourself you will improve the way your body copes with the physical symptoms of illness.



Be aware!

This process is not for the faint hearted. It is an opportunity to go into your deepest fears and insecurities. This may sound scary and there is no avoiding the fact that at times you may feel extremely uncomfortable and upset. But the benefits outweigh all of this. As once you shine a light into the darkest recesses of your unconscious self, great changes can occur which will lead you to a much brighter, stronger you.



What coaching is not!

Coaching is not like counselling or psychotherapy. I am not qualified to give you advice or “make your life better”.

I am here to help you see that you are capable of improving your own life and it will take honesty and effort on your part.

I will support you through the process and I will also challenge you to truly see yourself, hear yourself and change your behaviours for the better.


How will I feel after a coaching session?

Initially you may feel tired and emotional so it’s a good idea to have some time for yourself afterwards to settle and reflect.

A walk in the park, a nice hot bath or simply just a lie down will help to ease you.

It might be a good idea to let a supportive friend or relative know that you’re having coaching as some people find it helpful to talk things over after a session for a bit of extra support.

Once settled you will feel a sense of empowerment and freedom as you begin to see how capable you are of improving yourself.


You may not believe it now but it is all in you-you hold the key for positive change!

The above describes how we would work together in a session purely dedicated to coaching. However, I often find coaching blends naturally in a healing or massage session. Sometimes all that is necessary is a few pertinent questions and an exploration around an issue whilst you are relaxed, to free you from ‘stresses’ that are not serving you.



The ultimate aim of meditation is to reduce the chatter in the mind and allow the silent inner self to reveal itself.

In our brain we have logic; responses based on experience and all the beliefs about ourselves and others programmed by our care-givers, relatives, teachers and friends since birth. These beliefs can be positive or negative but either way is irrelevant to the brain. It is like a computer feeding back to you and reproducing whatever you keep repeating.


The brain, full of fear and ego, has been allowed to become our master and this does not help us discover peace, love and eternity. However, it is very good at filling us with doubts, fears, insecurities and making us feel utterly rubbish!

Learning to observe the chatter and not get involved in a discussion with it is step one. Remembering it has its role in protection and self-preservation will allow us to decide how we want to deal with our negative thoughts.

We don’t have to choose to be affected by our thoughts and fears. We can make an effort to stop feeding these thoughts with attention and tune into the silent wisdom that has always been within us.


There are many different ways to meditate and there are some forms of meditation that are quite ‘active’ and help to clear away the past.


Positive Visualisation Meditation has been found to stimulate the immune system and improve health.


Together we can find a way that works well for you and you will be able to practice it daily to strengthen yourself from all negative influences, whether internal or external. This is the golden path to peace and vitality that is your birth-right. 

Equine Assist

Equine Assisted Healing

Horses are extremely fascinating animals as they are so sensitive to everything in their environment. They are also very willing to interact with humans. This makes them perfect 'therapists' for us because whatever we bring to the horse is revealed back to us in their body language response. In other words, everything you believe about yourself and everything that you are will be displayed by the horse in a physical way. For a basic example, if you are stressed and up-tight the horse will be very unsettled and will want to stay away from you. If you are relaxed the horse will enjoy being with you.

The interaction between human and horse can be used in a ‘coaching’ session. We can look at whatever issue you need to deal with and the horses will show you other issues that you didn’t even know you needed to deal with!


We can also go deeper because horses are natural healers and if we step into their silent world we can receive energies and insights and become more in harmony with our higher self.

Horses spend the majority of their time in total silence - have you noticed how noisy sheep and cows are? Horses rarely communicate with sound. Yet in this silent world they constantly converse as a group, moving each other around with pure intention. They use their energy to move another out of the way or ask another to walk with them. They rarely use physical touch or sound to instigate reactions. They all seem to know when to stop eating and look around for danger, all in total silence. We can learn about our own energy by observing horses.

Horses that are kept in a natural way regularly stand and meditate together, they really are Zen masters. I often re-charge myself simply by standing with them during their meditations and it is incredibly calming. Everything becomes as one –  the horses, the birds, the field, the sky, the weather and me. We are all part of one picture. It is a very profound experience.


Please bear in mind that although it is a place of spiritual healing this is a very real, earthy and physical experience so you will need sensible clothing and footwear for whatever the weather is forecast for the day! It is full of ‘nature’ so in spring and summer there will be lots of various insects including flies as we are next door to a cow field and near a lot of water- insect repellent is a must which I can provide. We are also proud to be a home for many bees. In autumn and winter, it can be boggy, muddy, windy and rainy. Obviously on occasion it can also be smelly if the surrounding farms are muck spreading! All these energetic elements of life are enlivening and will be part of your healing journey.

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