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Love and Support during

Life-threatening Illness

Welcome to Heaven Stone Healing

Find peace, inner strength and clarity through a combined treatment of Spiritual Healing, Massage, Meditation and Collaborative Coaching.
HeavenStone Healing is a therapeutic experience that combines body massage, spiritual healing, meditation and collaborative coaching.
My role is to assist you to find your true inner self wherein lies all the help you need to manage your illness and improve the quality of your life.
I like to think of HeavenStone Healing as a journey that we take together, respectfully working alongside any conventional treatment you may be receiving as I believe all things can work together harmoniously.
Our wonderful doctors and nurses are very over-stretched and restricted as to the amount of time and care that they can give to their patients. HeavenStone Healing fills that gap and aims to teach you how you can lift your spirit even in your darkest hour.
Everything you need is within you and has been since the day you were born.
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Your first appointment

Before we begin...

Before we begin this journey together it is important that we start with a thorough consultation to discuss your medical history. I need to understand exactly what’s happening to you and what conventional treatment you’re having, if any.

My role is to listen to you and help you express what you need from me.


Things to consider before your first appointment


If at all possible take some deep breaths and give yourself a bit of time to think about who you are and what would help you to feel better?

Although it is terrifying to know that you have a life-threatening condition it is vital that you bear in mind, you are still alive now and much can be done to ensure your life is lived with love, positivity and happiness.

I cannot promise a miraculous recovery-though that is not to say it is impossible. What I can offer is the possibility of reducing fear leading to a reduction of symptoms leading to a longer and more comfortable life.

Don’t worry if you need to cry while we’re chatting, it’s absolutely fine. This is a place where you can let your feelings out and I will probably cry with you as I’m very empathic!


After the consultation


We now move onto the treatment itself. This will vary depending on what you need.

I recommend in the first treatment to allow yourself to receive some spiritual healing as this will tune you into your real self and bring calm. We can include massage if you need it and perhaps some guided meditation so you have a tool to take home.

Occasionally in the first treatment, it is appropriate to go straight into personal issues using coaching.

Click on the separate links and this will enable you to understand more about Spiritual Healing, Coaching, Meditation and Massage and how it can help improve your health.

Self Help



I currently use a range of therapies to treat cancer patients and it is my life’s dream to be able to provide a haven with farm animals to help seriously ill people return to nature.

My book, The Yard, was written during lock-down as a way of bringing a bit of cheer to people. It's purpose, when published, is to raise awareness for my therapy centre and any profits from sales will go towards the running costs.


Please visit my free, on-line book website using the button below and enjoy a good read! xx

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